How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Ok so he popped the question. Now it’s time to start planning for the best day of your life. But where to begin plagues most at this exciting chapter. There is just so much to process like where to have the reception, what color flowers would be best for the season and whom to invite. The first step is taking everything as it comes and the rest will fall into place. Then prioritize.

Your Guest List

First, sit down with your loved one and figure out who you are going to invite. With this you will figure out how many are on the guest list. This number is pivotal in determining which venues you can consider and, more importantly, how much money you will be spending. So for obvious reasons this is imperative to establishing as soon as possible.

Your Venue

Ok so now you have determined how many people will bear witness to your special day. Now you have to decide on your wedding venue. You have to be mindful of room capacities, not only just for overcrowding, but under crowding as well. True, overcrowding make for a very uncomfortable situation for you and your guests, especially during the hot, sticky wedding months, but under crowding can also leave a negative impression.

Guests enjoy the celebration atmosphere inherent with an enjoyable wedding. When too few people are occupying a larger wedding hall, it will create a lot of vacancy and subsequent dead space. This is why making sure you don’t book a venue too large for your wedding guests to prevent a cavernous feeling. Likewise, the same goes for overcrowding a venue, for obvious reasons.

Food & Drink

Of course you want to keep your guests happy with variety and good food. The short and sweet answers for this are food stations. Food stations are all the rage lately. Not only do they offer your guests more variety, they also ensure cost savings, depending of course on what food you provide. Also, an open bar all night doesn’t necessarily mean happy wedding guests. It could even make for a less memorable experience. If guests want a drink after 10 or 11 pm, let them buy it themselves.

These are the initial staples to planning your wedding. Once you decide on these and get your invitations out, there really is nothing more to worry about. Stressing and attempting to control every component of the day is how people lose their minds on the big day. Take it as it comes and your day should go off without a hitch.

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