Unique Ceremony Ideas

At Class Act we believe the ceremony should be a statement of who you are as a couple. Guest’s always remember what makes an experience special or different. Class Act offers so many ideas to make your ceremony special. Here are some of the more traditional possibilities to start. If you want to hear some of the more crazy ones you will need to call us. We do not want to take a risk of scaring some of you off. So let’s get stared!

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Probably the most traditional of all is the candle lighting ceremony. The symbolism is that each of the smaller candles reflects the spirits of the bride and groom. Lighting the larger candle with the smaller candles creates a new spirit as they come together as one. This is a nice tradition but it is generally done indoors. Don’t even think about it if your ceremony is outdoors. Mother Nature will not eliminate any breezes for the duration of you ceremony. It would be quite sad if your spirit got blown out.


Sand Ceremony             

Another common choice is the sand ceremony. Each bottle of sand represents the bride or groom, pouring the sand into the common vessel is joining as one. If one person pours half of their sand first, followed by the other person pouring half of their sand second, you get a layering affect, then both at the same time pour the rest of the sand to demonstrate their union. This works great indoors. Outdoors can have concerns. Remember that thing about relative to Mother Nature and the wind. If a gust of wind comes up, the Sand can blow onto your clothing and can became a mess on a white wedding dress. Be sure to have your backs to the wind when pouring the sand.

 If you have children maybe make them part of the sand ceremony.





Flower Girl and Ring Bearer                          

If you are going to have a flower girl let’s provide a positive path for them and not hope that they can stay on task walking down the aisle. Do you know the symbolism of the Flower Girl? She is the last person to go down the aisle before the bride. She is a symbol of innocence, purifying the path for the bride traveling to her groom, guarded by her father on the journey. If you are going to have a Ring Bearer, just have a fake ring for him to carry. The real ones should be in the best man’s pocket.

How about something funny and have Flower Dudes.


Celtic Hand Fasting


Celtic Hand Fasting is a rope that is twisted around the couple hands with some ancient verses of unity spoken.



Fisherman’s Knot

For you outdoor people how about a Fisherman’s Knot, which signifies the strength of two to make one.




Cleansing of the feet

Cleansing of the feed. Represents the humility of putting the other person first and caring for one another. While this is a nice statement, it might to take a bit of time and can get to be a bit boring for your guests.






Releasing something at the end of the ceremony.


Parents Love

Parents hand a white rose to their child that is getting married, passing their love to them. Then the bride and groom pass their love to each other by exchanging their rose and passing their love to each other. Then they place them in a vase. If you use a silk rose them you can keep them as reminder of the love that was shared on your wedding day.


Appreciation Bouquet

An Appreciation Bouquet is a tradition from Australia. Prior to the ceremony flowers are given out to special people that are important in their lives and have helped the couple out with the wedding. Generally a single flower is given to them and they are asked to hold them during the ceremony. At some point in the ceremony they are asked to come forward and place their flower in the vase provided. This allows the guests see the people behind the scenes and your appreciation is revealed to all. Once done a family member or friend arranges the flowers. The final piece can be used at the head table of cake table.


Simple and elegant ceremony arch

  Just stretch a rope between to trees and hang your draping.


We’ve only touched on a few possibilities.

Call Class Act and let us help make something really special for your wedding!


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