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The Class Act
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by Shawn and Claire W on The Class Act

ClassAct did a wonderful job. Our biggest thing we wanted was to make sure our dance floor was never empty, and it never was. We had around 300 guests and the floor was never empty and people were there til the end and still asked if they could play another hour! We are so happy with our choice!

by Zach/Jennie on The Class Act
Guests were entertained the entire evening

We found Class Act through a google search and were very pleased with the service provided throughout the process of searching for a DJ, planning the evening, and the reception itself. They were great at listening to things we did and did not want at the reception and asked questions about things we had not even thought of. They took care of many little details at the reception that helped the night run smoothly. Guests were entertained the entire evening with fun games and music while we got to sit back, relax, and enjoy our big day without the stress of organization and management.

by Alisha Matson on The Class Act
Jasinski/Matson Wedding 8/24/18

Great! Awesome! Kept the party going!
I had heard of Class Act for quite some time, but now it was my time to get married and we connected. I was so nice and convenient to talk to one person and plan the whole ceremony, dinner events and reception. After talking to the people at Class Act they grasped what we were looking for quickly and made suggestions to expand on our ideas.
It was good that we had a contingency plan in the event of rain. You see our venue has a beautiful gazebo for ceremonies just outside of the reception hall. Class Act was very convincing on making sure we had our plan “B” thought through. Guess what it was cold and raining on the day of my wedding. We had to resort to plan “B”. It did not really bother me because we did not have to panic it was part of the plan. Class Act and the venue made some adjustments and we were good to go.
Our dinner was so much fun with Class Act organizing everything and releasing tables, getting the guests involved in various activities the dinner flew by.
We had a lot of fun at the dance a lot of the young people were there but we also had a number of the older relatives hanging in there much later than I would have expected. What a great time.
Alisha and Paul

by Jennifer Tessier on The Class Act
Henderson/Tessier Wedding Dec2017

Everything went so smooth!        Amazing coordination with ALL of the vendors and kept the wedding guests entertained throughout the entire night. Sorry this is so short, but I am on my honeymoon and I just wanted everyone to know how great is was. We are still talking about it.

Great job guys!  Jennifer

by Randi Bentz on The Class Act
Hire them for sure!!!

Class Act made it so easy it was, Great!          Ok, my wedding is so important and challenging Class Act really came through for us. We are kind of a modern day Brady Bunch. We have a handful of kids if you do not remember the Brady Bunch. We wanted the day to be about the two of us, but also incorporate the kids in a manner that celebrates our family, but also hold the special connection we have for each other.
For the first thing talking to one person and planning the ceremony through to the end of the night was so easy. Class Act had lots of great ideas to accomplish my vision for the day and they were also very flexible to make that come true. Little things like will my husband walk the ring bearer and flower girl (our kids) down the aisle to keep them focused. I could hear my guest’s give a big awwwwe. Tips like how to poor the sand for the sand ceremony. Who knew there were different ways to poor the sand and why?
Our guests did and singing game to get us to kiss and the ones that did were the next table to go to dinner. They worked well and coordinated the venue people, caterer and serving staff while working with our photographer to be certain that their needs were met to get us as many memories as possible.
The dance was fun and they included my kids and all the other kids in group participate dances. People danced and had fun all night and then there was my time. We had a lot of young families which means they had to get the kids home. Now it was my time. Class Act made the last portion of the night all about me and my friends. They brought me back to the time before kids and having to worry about others. My best friends and I were transported back in time when we go dancing at the club and tearing it up.
Class Act was masterful at keeping everyone totally engaged.
Randi and Nate

by Michelle on The Class Act

So Much Fun!         Where to begin describing our fabulous experience with Class Act! It was kind of easy when it came to picking our entertainment company. We are both twenty six, so that means we have been to our fair share of weddings. So many of them had a DJ that was boring or just could not get the crowd involved. I first saw Class Act when I was young and then several times after. In fact, one of my best friends had me in her wedding and also had Class Act. Time and again Class Act demonstrated how fantastic they have been over the years.
Since many of my guests had also seen Class Act before I wanted my reception to be different and special. Class Act really came through for me. First off we did a kissing game that got the whole crowd involved, everyone was laughing hysterically (by the way we still won even though we had some very competitive relatives). We also did the newlywed game and got advice from the oldest married couple during dinner. Priceless.
The people in Class Act, coordinated the whole reception. They confirmed the program and needs of my vendors as soon as they got there. They made sure the picture of cutting of the cake was done before dinner so the catering staff could cut it up during the buffet dinner and be ready for when dinner was done. They made a quick seating change so that no tables had to be removed from the dance. Otherwise, my parents, grandparents, and handicap Aunt would have lost their table which would have been most unfortunate. If I would have hired a typical DJ none of these things would have been taken care of. Class Act was very in- tune with the newly married couple's needs in all the chaos of the night.
Oh my gosh, the dance. There were a lot of group participation events which our group loved. I had relatives that have a hard time walking, or never participate, out on the dance floor. Many of them were there after 11:00pm. Crazy. We had so many compliments that night and the next day.

Alex & Michelle

by Jen on The Class Act

I was so pleased!         Class Act was our MC/Party Coordinartor for the night and had everyone enjoying themselves and laughing. We had 3 guys in total so everything was smooth and seamless. They also brought a DJ and a Lighting Technician. It rained and our wedding was planned outside, but they adjusted without skipping a beat. I would recommend these guys to anyone. They can adapt to any and all needs so your day will be perfect.

by Anna on The Class Act
Awesome Show!

Awesome Show!           Between TJ and me we have seen so many weddings and our first choice was Class Act. In fact, we had been at
dozens of events they have done so it was a no brainer for us who to have on our special day. We had them drive all the
way up to our event three hours away, but it was worth it.
The planning was easy and fun, in fact, we had dinner while doing the planning with Class Act. They really know how to
treat you right. We talked to the party planner and planned the whole ceremony and reception in one meeting. It was so
nice to know that there would be continuity at the event. The person that planned the event was actually at the event
coordinating the activities. So we planned the ceremony, dinner and dance. Class Act provided the Wedding Officiant
with DJ and PA system for our outdoor wedding and a larger system was set up inside for the dinner and dance.
Class Act kept the guests engaged and we all laughed a lot during dinner it was so much fun. The two guys from Class Act
were amazing. They kept the party going all night. There were always people on the dance floor. They were great too
work with and had an idea for everything. They aren't your typical DJ Company, they don't work off of a computer and
just stand behind the booth the whole time, the MC goes around the room talking to everyone and the DJ will come out
lead dances at times. They are high energy and we had a good time. We are so incredibly happy with how everything
turned out.

Thank You!!!
Anna and TJ

by Peggy golembeck on The Class Act
Perfect fit

Class Act can really keep the children having fun.          My daughter’s wedding reception had so many children at the wedding. We have a lot of your families with kids from 3 to 12. You know what that means LOT’s of energy. Class act had them engaged with so many things which kept them busy and they entertained us with the fun games. With things like Conga Line dances, Mr. Happy Face contest, Hokey Pokey game, Limbo contest, Chicken dance, Circle dance and contemporary lines dances like the cupid shuffle and more. So what they would do is do some dance sets for the adults, and of course the kids were out the also. Then when the adults need to break, get the kid games going. All of the parents loved it. I did not think it was possible, but my grandkids were wiped out at the end of the mighty.
It really takes skill to keep the guests 3 to 70 engaged and have fun. Thanks Class Act
Grandma Peggy

by Heather on The Class Act
The Class Act - AAA+

CLASS ACT WAS AMAZING!!            When we first started looking for the entertainment we knew that our event would be a little more challenging than the typical wedding. You see, our parents had been married over 50 years, but they really never had a wedding reception and it was time for that to happen. My parents have so many friends and relatives we knew that there was going to be an older contingency of guests than typical.
Our venue actually recommended Class Act to us. They told us that Class Act has been playing at their venue for decades and they are the most attentive, interactive and pleasant people to work with. I took that to heart when the venue told me that on a given night they can do up to 5 events. So I figured they see everybody and if Class Act stands out for them, they must be pretty awesome. Boy were they right. They helped us with the renewing of the vows, suggested a family bouquet which was perfect. Coordinated the dinner/dance and kept our guests laughing all night long.
We had to end the night early because they just tired us out. They really made it so that I could enjoy the event because they coordinated everything that night.

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“We hired Class Act to do our ceremony (wedding officiant) and reception (Emcee/DJ), which was really nice talking to one person to plan my wedding ceremony and reception. The ceremony was short yet meaningful. Mike and Ron were awesome; they really got the crowd going. We would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

“Mike, we just wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding reception so special. Everyone talked about how great you guys were and we felt the same way. We just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome of a job you did. We heard the comment, ‘This is the best DJ I have ever heard at a wedding’.”
Kim and Jason

“GREAT! My guests loved his music and the interaction with them during dinner and the dance!
He also did my sister’s wedding and my company holiday party.
I would DEFINITELY recommend him.”

“We were so glad we went with personal and professional references when picking our entertainment. We have seen so many lame DJs over the years… so we were really worried about one of the most important aspects of the evening. We did a Google search and found hundreds of companies in our area. Then we found Class Act! We had personal references and the hall recommended them to us. Mike Perreault had so many creative suggestions when organizing the itinerary for the evening; we were put at ease right away. That evening, DJ Dave rocked and the party coordinator Eric made the night fly by—totally stress free for me. After the event, Class Act followed up with me and that’s when I found out about all the fires they put out during the night. I am truly grateful for their extra efforts. I am telling you, don’t make the mistake one of my friends did and get a cheap DJ. She still regrets it!”

“We had Class Act for our wedding and they were fantastic! Class Act by far exceeded our expectations. Mike was so friendly and knowledgeable when he helped us develop a program that was truly unique. The guys that did the show were so much fun! Lee got us going and Ed worked so hard coordinating all the different activities, which was a bit of a challenge because a couple of people at my wedding party were bombed. Ed and his coordinating skills took all the pressure off of us. As a result of our wedding, we have seen them over a dozen times from referrals. All of my friends and relatives want what I had and Class Act keeps bringing it.”
Matt and Dar

“After a year of many weddings in our family, we had so many people comment and say how fantastic of a time they had and how the DJ made all the difference in the day. Your ability to keep the evening moving along and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves is remarkable. The way you incorporated the special things we wanted to add was fantastic and your professional experience showed throughout the evening. It has been 5 months since our wedding and I still get compliments from our family and friends.”
Jodi and Brad

“These guys are the best. I had seen Class Act many times. Between friends and family, I am sure I had seen them a dozen times. These guys rock when it comes to keeping everyone happy and involved. Most of my older relatives love to polka, but the rest of us not so much. When it came time to plan our reception, it was a no brainer as to who we would hire. I am telling you, don’t take a chance on the inexperienced cheesy DJs you usually see. Every single person that I know that decided to go the cheap route with someone else really regretted it; I am just sayin’…”
Bryon and Nancy

“Class Act was so easy to work with! They helped me develop my ceremony and the reception. Our event was a bit different than the standard wedding you would find in Minnesota. Half of our guests were from Ecuador and the other half were local, so we had some language challenges. We incorporated some South American traditions with local ones and made the event unique and fun. We had a Wedding Officiant that allowed us to get married right at the hall, and an Emcee and DJ. When some of the key guests were half an hour late, they helped adjust all the timing with their party coordinator and kept my stress level down. If I would have just hired a DJ form somewhere else, I am sure it would have been a disaster.”
Delya and Peter

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