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The Class Act
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by Andy B on The Class Act
They were fantastic! Went above and beyond

They were Fantastic!
I am the kind of guy that likes to be thorough. As best I can, I like to be certain all bases are covered. I played football and if something gets through it can be a problem. So starting out in my search I got a personal recommendation relative to Class Act and it sounded much better than others. Once I called and found out that they were very thorough, had great ideas and that they would have someone there managing the event the entire time we knew which direction to go. Our families love to have fun and our friends expect to have and elevated evening.
We planned the whole evening out with Class Act ahead of time with our ideas and some fun ones from Class Act. Our family and friends were also working out some surprises with Class Act. As you might guess things got a little fluid because of all the outside influences, trying to keep our surprises and their secret, but they pulled it all together and still made it special.
Their MC/Party coordinator helped with so many things like assuring the cake pictures was done before we sat down for dinner and the wait staff cut the cake for the head table. Letting our photographer know what possible photo opportunities were coming, so they did not miss anything. They even designed in a short time so we could get a sunset picture. The guests were having so much fun they did not notice that we slipped out a few minutes. Class Act captured their attention so we were not missed. Our dance floor was packed all night long. It is so crazy. Before the day of the event Class Act said that their job was to tire out my guys. I thought it was kind of a joke when they said it, but it was not. We were all wiped out. How great is that?
Andy and Lindsay

by Olivia and Sam Bungum on The Class Act
Excellent Ceremony, Reception and Dance!

My finance’ had seen Class act at another family wedding, but it was before my time. He talked very highly about how much fun they were, but I still needed to be convinced. So we talked to them and then interviewed them and then it was very easy to decide that they were the right people for us. One of the things they let us know right off the bat was that they were working for us and even though other family members might have some ideas they would give us the final say in all matters relative to our big day.
So we started out with their wedding officiant and DJ for an outdoor wedding. We wanted short, sweet and simple while having some amount of levity and romance and they delivered. The ceremony we just right.
We then progressed to our social hour and dinner. Class Act moved the sound system they used for the ceremony in the outdoor dining area while keeping the larger system set up inside with the bar and dance area. The announcements came over both systems so that everyone could be part of the experience.
At the diner we did some kissing games where the guests needed to entertain us and we judged their performance with the kiss. Everyone was laughing the whole time. They released tables and escorted the guests to the indoor buffet table. I cannot remember all the fun things that went on during dinner, but my guests really embraced the experience.
Once the dinner was all done Class Act had the guests make two lines and we walked between them from the outside dinner tables to the dance floor then they all flowed in to watch us. We felt so special and supported. It was also brilliant because it got all the people into the dance area and the dance took off like a flash.
So we danced all night it was and amazing time. Too bad I only get to do this once. Maybe we will have to have an Anniversary party.
Olivia and Sam

by Shannon on The Class Act
Fun and Engaging

We had a lot of Fun!

We enjoyed the planning portion of the whole event. We had some ideas and once we talked to their party planners we made the program even more fun. My husband had seen them many times so we knew that they would do a great job for us.

We had a lot of laughs during dinner with the Newlywed game and some other things that they did to get my guests involved.

Once the dance started, I danced a lot of the night it was so much fun. They even added some uniqueness to the garter and Bouquet toss. Then our family tradition of caring around the groom around the dance floor on the shoulders was kind of an ultimate Yee Ha. Both of the Class Act guys did a nice job and our guests loved it. I had a number of people mention that when they went home, they were just wiped out.

Good job Class Act for tiring out me and my guests.

Shannon and Shane

by Denise DuBois on The Class Act
Best Wedding Ever!

Ok, we were both married before and that obviously did not go so well. We dated for ten years while healing over our past bad experiences and being sure of the future. Well, after all of that and combining of families we knew we wanted to have the most fun celebrations possible. So we Googled best entertainment companies in the twin cites and we found Class Act. We looked at their reviews and they were amazing. Once we connected and talked with the people it was perfect for us.

It was so nice having someone to coordinate the afternoon. They made sure all of the people we hired were on their job and working well together. I know that they had to prod some of them to keep things flowing smoothly.

I can summarize the day up, “It was totally awesome”. Our guest was doing a fun a fun game to decide who goes next to the dinner for the buffet. We played the newlywed game and they even found out who the oldest married couple was and had them give us marriage advice. Our dance floor was crazy all night. We had so many guests continually telling us how much they liked Class Act. Class Act really made our day special.

Denise and Rick

by Luke Niemczyk on The Class Act
Excellent showmanship

Great guest involvement and outstanding Showmanship.

Two of us have been together for 10 years, we started dating in Junior High. Now we are in the mid-range of statistically
of when couples get married. So why is that important, just to let you know that we have been thinking about a life
together for some time. We have so many friends and guess what they are all either married or getting married.
Sometimes it seems that a good share of the parties we go to are weddings. What that makes us is well educated on
what we wanted and what we did not want. Sorry to say some of the DJs were not impressive.
Class Act was great but we knew they would be because we had seen them a number of times before. So early on in our
planning process we made sure that they could be there for us. So we like to be thorough when planning. Class Act was
available via text, email and phone calls. It was great to be able to utilize all the knowledge that they have to help with
the whole day timeline and schedule. We wanted the day to be fun and provide as much opportunity to make great
memories as possible.
Our venue was so beautiful and amazing. The one thing that was a little odd was that we had dinner on the main floor
and the dance was upstairs. So Class Act did something brilliant. At each table they did a game and designated one
person to be the table party animal. The table party animal was then instructed to get everyone on the table to stand
and head upstairs. In the matter of just a few short minutes every single person was in the dance area for our first dance
for the two of us, it was kind of magical. Here is something amazing they stayed up there the rest of the night. The
people at the venue had never seen anyone make that happen so quickly and smoothly. They were great showmen and
got people to easily follow whatever they wanted them to do. The dance was so much fun. Thank you, you all are truly a CLASS ACT!

Luke and Karina

by Shauna Paulson on The Class Act
We had an absolute blast!

We had a huge guest list with over 400 total people that were going to attend our wedding. You know what that means is we really needed to step up with providing an amazing day.
We planned all this with the party planners at Class Act. So here is what we had an Outdoor ceremony in a separate area. Followed with a huge dinner and feeding all of these guests in a timely manner and not having them stand in a long line. Have some interaction with our guests and some engaging toasts.
During the dance we did all the usual dedication dances but we added a memorial dance where we honored the important people in our lives that could not be with us that night. Some of our guest’s arranged for fireworks and coordinated the activity with Class Act. What a great surprise and well done. When it came to the end of the night no one wanted the night to end and we talked the people at Class Act into going another hour. It was so much fun, we had a BLAST! We highly recommend Class Act, and we will most defiantly be using them again for our anniversary parties!

Shauna and Zach

by Nicole on The Class Act
Above and Beyond

These guys are the best
Here is the crazy thing.
We actually saw Class Act years before and the couple that had Class Act has become friends with them. We also found
out the Class Act had done another couples wedding that is dear to us also. So we love the North Shore of Lake Superior
and we decided having a ceremony overlooking the lake which would very romantic.
So what is great with Class Act is that we could use them to plan and perform the Ceremony and the dinner dance. We
did a light religious ceremony. It worked out really well because we have some very religious relatives that needed that
element to be part of the wedding. The religious part was not as high a priority for us. What we ended up planning with
Class Act was perfect. Here is the kind of amazing part. When the officiant started and made some comments about
asking God’s Blessing we got a shorted little amount of drops on us. The timing could not have been better, then the
officiant took the opportunity to say “I guess God is sprinkling some Holy water up us”. That little spot if levity helping
relax so many of us.
Our MC/Party Coordinator must have put on a few miles that night. So he was in charge of keeping everything flowing
smoothly. He did a wonderful job but people gave him a challenge. So we had several smokers that they needed to be in
a certain out door area for that. We had a beautiful view and many people would be outside. A couple of groomsmen
would be sliding off and be missing for some time when they were needed for various activities. One of my guests
stopped him and mentioned he was doing a great job but it must be like “herding cats” If we would not have had the
Class Act guys there I am sure things would have been chaotic.
During dinner we did a cute little game to determine which table would go to dinner first. They had us do the Newly
Wed Game, good stuff. We had so much fun for the dance I booked them for and extra hour at the end of the night.
Nicole and Tony

by Anne on The Class Act
Great Party Starter!

Great Party Starter!
I was fun working with Class Act for our Corporate Event. From the first call I could tell these people have done so many events with all the ideas they have. Since we had a theme they found several ways to engage the guest’s which was so important for us.
We went all out on this event with things like special decorations, a theme with our guests dressing accordingly. There was a photo booth, special games, and live performance like a circus act, catering, wait staff, bar staff and several announcements and more. Little things like helping set up other vendor’s video presentation and requesting a podium for announcements and including a platform for one of our shorter speakers. We did a “singing for supper” game to see who next goes to the dinner buffet. Our guests loved it. Who pays attention to these types of things, experts?
The day of the event came and Class Act, coordinated all the different people from all these different disciplines masterfully plus working with our needs at the same time while keeping people on the dance floor. We got all that for about the same price that other places were charging for just a DJ. Choosing Class Act is a no brainier.
Anne D

by Jerry and Donna on The Class Act
Wonderful Evening!

Wonderful Evening!!
When we arrived at the venue for our party, Class Act had been already set-up and while the family was busy decorating and getting everything in place, they played music for the grandchildren which kept them busy while we finished!
We were married 50 years ago and had several of the people that were at our wedding, new friends we have made over our married life and of course our children and grandchildren. A very mixed group which had a wonderful evening of celebrating!
We started with a social hour in the bar area with light appetizers and a remote speaker system provided by Class Act for announcements and classic sounds from our era. We then moved to the dining area where we had several appetizer stations and a dessert table. While everyone was seated, Class Act brought us forward for a welcome speech and a toast and table grace by a friend. Class Act then announced the different appetizer stations so that guests could head to their favorite table. This really helped with no congestion at any one table. While everyone was eating, Class Act went to all the tables to ask for song requests. Our guests, particularly liked this rather than having to go talk to the DJ on their own.
While everyone was enjoying the food, Class Act announced our special dance of the evening and then announced that our family should join us. Next there were many family toasts and even a song from our two oldest granddaughters! The event was all well-coordinated. The Class Act DJ even did a Newlywed game which we almost ace-ed. Our guests were laughing so hard when we got the last question wrong, or at least we did not agree how that happened more than fifty years ago!
For the dance, the music was spot on playing several of our songs of yesteryear and requests from guests. The kids loved the bubbles provided by Class Act! Everyone really enjoyed the dancing and were tired at the end of the evening. Such memories are priceless!

by Peter Sparr on The Class Act

I looked at several before deciding on Class Act. Right off of the bat they were throwing out great ideas to make my party more engaging. So we did some pre planning for the day and I was thinking that I would do a number of things and the people suggested they could do a number of things I was going to do. Once we got there I quickly realized that they were right and I have so many people to talk to and try to have fun at the same time.
So I released the control to Class Act and they did a fabulous job. They greeted people at the door helped with various events during our social hour. We did a silent auction for a favorite charity of ours. For the longest time nobody was partaking until they made the first bid on an item. Then guess what everything was bid on, and a really nice check will be donated to our favorite charity. We played a Survivor game and several other things.
When the dance started people were dancing the whole night. We had a lot of fun, and they really helped make the night much easier for me.


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“We hired Class Act to do our ceremony (wedding officiant) and reception (Emcee/DJ), which was really nice talking to one person to plan my wedding ceremony and reception. The ceremony was short yet meaningful. Mike and Ron were awesome; they really got the crowd going. We would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

“Mike, we just wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding reception so special. Everyone talked about how great you guys were and we felt the same way. We just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome of a job you did. We heard the comment, ‘This is the best DJ I have ever heard at a wedding’.”
Kim and Jason

“GREAT! My guests loved his music and the interaction with them during dinner and the dance!
He also did my sister’s wedding and my company holiday party.
I would DEFINITELY recommend him.”

“We were so glad we went with personal and professional references when picking our entertainment. We have seen so many lame DJs over the years… so we were really worried about one of the most important aspects of the evening. We did a Google search and found hundreds of companies in our area. Then we found Class Act! We had personal references and the hall recommended them to us. Mike Perreault had so many creative suggestions when organizing the itinerary for the evening; we were put at ease right away. That evening, DJ Dave rocked and the party coordinator Eric made the night fly by—totally stress free for me. After the event, Class Act followed up with me and that’s when I found out about all the fires they put out during the night. I am truly grateful for their extra efforts. I am telling you, don’t make the mistake one of my friends did and get a cheap DJ. She still regrets it!”

“We had Class Act for our wedding and they were fantastic! Class Act by far exceeded our expectations. Mike was so friendly and knowledgeable when he helped us develop a program that was truly unique. The guys that did the show were so much fun! Lee got us going and Ed worked so hard coordinating all the different activities, which was a bit of a challenge because a couple of people at my wedding party were bombed. Ed and his coordinating skills took all the pressure off of us. As a result of our wedding, we have seen them over a dozen times from referrals. All of my friends and relatives want what I had and Class Act keeps bringing it.”
Matt and Dar

“After a year of many weddings in our family, we had so many people comment and say how fantastic of a time they had and how the DJ made all the difference in the day. Your ability to keep the evening moving along and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves is remarkable. The way you incorporated the special things we wanted to add was fantastic and your professional experience showed throughout the evening. It has been 5 months since our wedding and I still get compliments from our family and friends.”
Jodi and Brad

“These guys are the best. I had seen Class Act many times. Between friends and family, I am sure I had seen them a dozen times. These guys rock when it comes to keeping everyone happy and involved. Most of my older relatives love to polka, but the rest of us not so much. When it came time to plan our reception, it was a no brainer as to who we would hire. I am telling you, don’t take a chance on the inexperienced cheesy DJs you usually see. Every single person that I know that decided to go the cheap route with someone else really regretted it; I am just sayin’…”
Bryon and Nancy

“Class Act was so easy to work with! They helped me develop my ceremony and the reception. Our event was a bit different than the standard wedding you would find in Minnesota. Half of our guests were from Ecuador and the other half were local, so we had some language challenges. We incorporated some South American traditions with local ones and made the event unique and fun. We had a Wedding Officiant that allowed us to get married right at the hall, and an Emcee and DJ. When some of the key guests were half an hour late, they helped adjust all the timing with their party coordinator and kept my stress level down. If I would have just hired a DJ form somewhere else, I am sure it would have been a disaster.”
Delya and Peter

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