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The Class Act
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 by Nichael
Choose Class Act to Marry You

I’m very happy with the service Class Act Provided. I had a bad experience with a previous officiant. I found Class Act on Google and called. I spoke with them and they made me feel comfortable he was respectful he offered ideas to make it a memorable experience. He has a great sense of humor I was nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect. Me and my husband was very happy with us choosing him. We would recommend Class Act to anyone who’s looking to have the best experience getting married.

 by Alex
Our Whole Group Was On The Dance Floor All Night

First off it was so convenient to talk to one person and plan the ceremony, social time, dinner and dance. Class Act took are of all the events and had great insight on how to plan them. They also listened to us when we wanted some uniqueness to our ceremony and the rest of the day. During the ceremony we worked in a time of sharing the “Love Commitment” to each other where we just shared with each other our deepest thoughts for each other, with our family and friends. Class Act kept the guests engaged during our social time. During the dinner the guest were engaged with some fun activities where they need to do something to get us to kiss. There was so munch laughter during dinner.

When it came to the speeches and toasts the worked closely with our bridesmaids to coordinate a rap for a toast it was hilarious.

When the dance started the dance floor was packed all night long. When our guests were leaving they were dragging from having so much fun. Class Act did a superb job of coordinating everything and making the day/night flow smoothly. We did not have to deal with any issues.

Alex and Sarah

 by Ryan
The Best MC

I first saw Class Act at my sister’s wedding years before my wedding. My relatives told me I was out there the whole night. The night just flew away it did not seem that way.
When it was time for me to get married it was an easy decision and my family talked about it so much that me fiancé did not give it a second thought. From the first time we talked to Class Act they made it very clear that they could orchestrate an evening that would take all of the things that we loved best but put a twist on them to make it ours. They gave us so many options to choose from it was a bit mind blowing. However they helped us to quickly narrow things down as they leaned our preferences.
It was great they came with a separate system for the outdoor ceremony and a larger system set up in the venue for the dinner dance. Sound support was seamless because they did not have to move equipment. Our wedding day was a bit chilly and people quickly moved from one to another. It was perfect.
We knew that Class Act was amazing at engaging the guests during dinner. That was very important to us because we have been to many other weddings where it was quite and boring. We played a game called Singing for Supper. When it was time for another table to be released to go through the buffet line a table could volunteer to sing a song to see who goes to dinner next. It was a lot of fun.
Class Act’s MC told us that we had the largest conga line dance ever. EVERY single person was in the line/circle. Lots of other interactive stuff also happened during the night. It sure was fun. Class Act wore out many of our guests. We could see them truly dragging when they left.

 by Jordan and becky koepsell

Very fun DJ. Kept the whole crowd laughing and busy the whole night. Would highly recommend for the future. Everyone did get tired after 11. Kept the music going until midnight. Had some very fun games in between the dinner. Made our wedding day a day to never forget.

 by Myrdette

Was Lots of Fun
So after working thru all the Covid stuff we could finally have our wedding. My family is from North Dakota and my husbands from Minnesota. I needed to incorporate some fun stuff that my family was used to, with some of my husbands’ family. We talked with Class Act and made some unique things for the ceremony, dinner and reception. My ceremony had unique music not normally found at your typical ceremony, but would identify with who we are. Instead of a flower girl we had a Flower Man and he was hilarious. During dinner Cass act released tables and entertained the guests waiting to go through the buffet line. They organized some other fun games that the guests really got into. There was a difficult issue, how to get the guests into the room where the dance was to be held in an expeditious manner. What they did was to designate a Party Animal at each table. Then the party animal at each table got everyone at the table to stand up and follow them into the dance room. It worked perfect and we could go right into the first dance seamlessly. We did so many fun things during the night. We did battle of the sex’s auctioning of the garter everyone loved it and we made a ton of money. They coordinated the caterers, venue staff, videographer and photographer throughout the night. It was lots of fun.
Myrdette and Max

 by Peter Driscoll
Class Act crushed the Corona Virus Problem

Class Act Solves the Corona Virus for Us

We have known about Class Act for many years and have seen them many times before. We have been engaged for some time and our wedding is all planned for later this year. So last weekend the whole Corona Virus precautions were ramping up quickly. The governor of Minnesota was shutting down all large group gatherings, sports events, closing down dine in restaurants, movie theaters, church gatherings, and catering weddings etc. We were also concerned that this might be rolling over into the government processing issues. So we called Class Act on Saturday and they were there the next day at our home performing a nice simple immediate family only (7 people) wedding.
They were so responsive and helped us put some final touches on our ceremony to make it exactly as we wanted. We feel relieved that we do not have any possibilities of us not being legally married. It will give us some peace of mind as we look forward to the big party this fall.
Class Act is here when you need them. Thanks so much!
Peter and Dascha

 by sarah
Winter wedding

We had only heard of them from online. The officiant service was a great addition. Less people to hire. All requests from guests were played. They got the energy up and got people on the dance floor. Guests were happy with the volume level and songs. A great addition to our wedding day!

 by Jeff & Alyssa Villafuerte
Nothing but the absolute best!

Mike & his team are among the absolute best. When we began planning our wedding, we had no idea where to start on DJ services or any of that. We had no knowledge. My mother in law came across The Class Act, and we decided to just go for it based on awesome reviews that we read. We were not disappointed! Mike’s experience, organization, and personality made this process seamless for us. He had many, many wonderful ideas as well as insight from previous weddings he has done. This meant so much to me as I didn’t really know what I was doing!
Although we had a fabulous experience with DJ services we received from Mike and his partner, the thing that meant the most to me was when we ended up without an officiant 7 days before the wedding — Mike stepped up, no questions asked, and helped plan a beautiful ceremony for us and officiated it! I would recommend this company to any one looking for a knowledgeable, fun, energetic DJ service that will keep the crowd going all night long — look no further!!!! Thank you so much for everything!

 by Macy Wood
Perfect ceremony, kept reception guests engaged

My husband and I are both finishing our doctorates in the same field of medicine. We are quite busy with work and study and wanted to have an amazing wedding. We needed to be organized and have all the bases covered for our wedding. When we talked to Class Act, we felt like we were in the right place. It was clear that they had knowledge and extensive experience in the field.
As things got closer to the wedding date, they gave us numerous options and insight so that we could plan an event that went off without a hitch. We really liked the idea of having our Officiant and DJ from the same company as it fit our vision and it made the planning process very efficient. Having Class Act provide the Wedding Officiant with a DJ and sound system to make the ceremony run quite smoothly. It was beautiful and met our needs relative to religion and spirituality.
One of the aspects that we most appreciated was that Class Act worked with all the other vendors, including the photographer, venue support staff, and catering staff. Dinner was quite eventful and entertaining with Class Act keeping the guests engaged in a game of love songs. They also did an amazing job of getting guests on the dance floor. We really enjoyed working with Class Act, as their coordination with the entire team of vendors added to our fantastic wedding celebration.
Macy and Nick

 by Tony Charles
Amazing Job

Always Fun.

We have seen Class Act, any times, and they are always fun. We have been to so many other weddings that we realize that there are so many bad DJ’s out there, we needed to have Class Act because the others just do not measure up.  We had our wedding at a barn style venue so we could get married at the same place as the reception. Class act actually brought a second system for the ceremony so that the larger system for the dance could be set up and not have any down time by having to move equipment.

We planned a fun day out with their party planner before the event so we got to have input and they added expertise to make it even more fun than we would have thought of. We had a riot during the dinner with lots of fun stuff. We even did this kissing game most of our guests had never seen. Many times we have gone to a wedding and let’s face it, it is usually a bit boring during dinner. With Class Act it was so much fun.

The dance was almost a blur. People were dancing so much the night just flew away. Our guests were partying so hard that by the end of the night people were just tired out and they were partied out. Now that is the mark of a great night where they are too tired to party anymore. That is the mark of a great party.

Brittney and Tony

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“We hired Class Act to do our ceremony (wedding officiant) and reception (Emcee/DJ), which was really nice talking to one person to plan my wedding ceremony and reception. The ceremony was short yet meaningful. Mike and Ron were awesome; they really got the crowd going. We would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

“Mike, we just wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding reception so special. Everyone talked about how great you guys were and we felt the same way. We just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome of a job you did. We heard the comment, ‘This is the best DJ I have ever heard at a wedding’.”
Kim and Jason

“GREAT! My guests loved his music and the interaction with them during dinner and the dance!
He also did my sister’s wedding and my company holiday party.
I would DEFINITELY recommend him.”

“We were so glad we went with personal and professional references when picking our entertainment. We have seen so many lame DJs over the years… so we were really worried about one of the most important aspects of the evening. We did a Google search and found hundreds of companies in our area. Then we found Class Act! We had personal references and the hall recommended them to us. Mike Perreault had so many creative suggestions when organizing the itinerary for the evening; we were put at ease right away. That evening, DJ Dave rocked and the party coordinator Eric made the night fly by—totally stress free for me. After the event, Class Act followed up with me and that’s when I found out about all the fires they put out during the night. I am truly grateful for their extra efforts. I am telling you, don’t make the mistake one of my friends did and get a cheap DJ. She still regrets it!”

“We had Class Act for our wedding and they were fantastic! Class Act by far exceeded our expectations. Mike was so friendly and knowledgeable when he helped us develop a program that was truly unique. The guys that did the show were so much fun! Lee got us going and Ed worked so hard coordinating all the different activities, which was a bit of a challenge because a couple of people at my wedding party were bombed. Ed and his coordinating skills took all the pressure off of us. As a result of our wedding, we have seen them over a dozen times from referrals. All of my friends and relatives want what I had and Class Act keeps bringing it.”
Matt and Dar

“After a year of many weddings in our family, we had so many people comment and say how fantastic of a time they had and how the DJ made all the difference in the day. Your ability to keep the evening moving along and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves is remarkable. The way you incorporated the special things we wanted to add was fantastic and your professional experience showed throughout the evening. It has been 5 months since our wedding and I still get compliments from our family and friends.”
Jodi and Brad

“These guys are the best. I had seen Class Act many times. Between friends and family, I am sure I had seen them a dozen times. These guys rock when it comes to keeping everyone happy and involved. Most of my older relatives love to polka, but the rest of us not so much. When it came time to plan our reception, it was a no brainer as to who we would hire. I am telling you, don’t take a chance on the inexperienced cheesy DJs you usually see. Every single person that I know that decided to go the cheap route with someone else really regretted it; I am just sayin’…”
Bryon and Nancy

“Class Act was so easy to work with! They helped me develop my ceremony and the reception. Our event was a bit different than the standard wedding you would find in Minnesota. Half of our guests were from Ecuador and the other half were local, so we had some language challenges. We incorporated some South American traditions with local ones and made the event unique and fun. We had a Wedding Officiant that allowed us to get married right at the hall, and an Emcee and DJ. When some of the key guests were half an hour late, they helped adjust all the timing with their party coordinator and kept my stress level down. If I would have just hired a DJ form somewhere else, I am sure it would have been a disaster.”
Delya and Peter

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